Categorizing Your Appliances for Simple Recycling

Categorizing Your Appliances for Simple Recycling

Many people do not realize that recycling appliances is not only a good way to earn a little cash but also a requirement of law in most areas. Categorizing your appliances according to their metal content and their need to be stripped before being taken to the proper facility will help to ensure that your recycling experience goes as smoothly as possible.

1.       Full Metal Appliances

Some Appliances are almost entirely metal. Examples such as washers and dryers include such low amounts of plastic that many professional recyclers will accept them just as they are.

2.       Some Plastics Included

When lots of plastic has been included in the construction of the appliances, stripping the plastic can help save time and ensure a better scrap metal price. This is especially true for automotive radiators, but home radiators are usually ready to be taken directly to a scrap metal recycler.

3.       Contaminant Removal Necessary

In cases where contaminants such as freon are likely to leak and harm the environment or people and animals, proper removal of chemical containers and elements is necessary. Choosing a recycler equipped to handle that for you is one way to ensure that you perform your recycle duties legally and ethically.

Whether your goals are environmentally or personally influenced, recycling wherever and whenever possible is the right thing to do. If you are interested in appliance and radiator recycling in San Jose, please visit this website.


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